Breakup are the toughest situation in one’s life. You are left only with the memories of your love and the time spend with him/her. That’s why we brought you a collection of Breakup Shayaris in Hindi and English font. You don’t have hide or suppress your feelings during a breakup, you express your feelings through reading our shayaris and posting it later at any platform. Its important to express during a breakup and shayari are the best way to do so.

Breakup Shayari – sad breakup shayari in hindi

जाने लागे जब वो छोड़ के दामन मेरा,
टूटे हुए दिल ने एक हिमाक़त कर दी,
सोचा था कि छुपा लेंगे ग़म अपना,
मगर कमबख्त आँखों ने बगावत कर दी।

Jaane Lage Jab Wo Chhod Ke Daaman Mera,
Toote Hue Dil Ne Ek Himaakat Kar Di,
Socha Tha Ke Chhupa Lenge Gham Apna,
Magar Kambakht Ankhon Ne Bagawat Kar Di.

Breakup Shayari

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