These type of Shayari arises when person are left with unfulfilled desires/wishes. Read the best collection of Armaan Shayari in our closet. We have Armaan Shayari in Hindi and in English font, these shayaris are for boys and girls of all ages whom wishes are still not fulfilled. Everybody wish for some or the other thing, best way to express it is through shayari.

Armaan Khwahish Shayari – 10 Khwahish shayari in hindi

तेरी नीली आँखों का मैं काजल बन जाऊं,
तेरी आँखों में आँसू का मैं बादल बन जाऊं,
ख्वाहिश तो मेरी हर पल है इतनी,
तेरे रस्ते के काँटों का मैं चादर बन जाऊं।

Teri neeli aankho ka main kajal bann jau
Teri aankho mein aasu ka main baadal bann jau,
Khwahish toh merri har pal hai itni
Tere raste ke kaato ha main chaadar bann jau.

Armaan Khwahish Shayari

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