Eyes are not just part of us but hold thousands of delightful dreams, treasures, expressions, and love for everyone. When in love, one can never get tired of staring at his partner’s eyes. That is why Aankhein Shayari are one of the most popular shayaris of all time read by lovers. Here in this article, we have collected amazing Aankhein Shayari, Shayari on Eyes, Aankhen Shayari Hindi Mai, Nigah Shayari, Amazing Aankhen Shayari that will help you convey your feelings of love to your partner about their beautiful eyes. Read them and comment us

Aankhein Shayari – shayari aankho pe in hindi

कभी यूँ भी आ मेरी आँखों में, 
कि मेरी आँखों को खबर न हो, 
तुझे भूलने की दुआयें करूँ, 
तो दुआओं में मेरी असर ना हो। 
Kabhi Yun Bhi Aa Meri Aankhon Mein, 
Ki Meri Aankhon Ko Khabar Na Ho, 
Tujhe Bhoolne Ki Duayen Karoon,
  To Duaon Mein Meri Asar Na Ho. 

Aankhein Shayari

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